For example, launching an application requires immediate attention of the processor, meaning that the CPU would jump up to a fairly high frequency in order to make sure that the application loaded quickly. The reason is that in the AMD X2 the settings are tied together — you cannot change one core by itself. Content Creation Performance with PowerNow! Leave this field empty. June 5, at 4: What is behind the development of PowerNow!

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This is the problem that PowerNow!

Since I wanted the speed to be used whenever something wanted it I disabled this special treatment of niced tasks:. Things are now run pretty well.

This had the effect of giving much faster up and down speed changes, although amd power now still suffered from two issues:. What is behind the development of PowerNow!

AMD X2 PowerNow! & Linux performance

After upgrading to powfr new AMD X2 system everything felt rather sluggish. Then, as the user begins to use the program, the CPU clock speed varies amd power now to the needs of the application and the tasks that are running.

Think about how much power your CPU must devote to running a word processing application, now think about how much power is required for a CPU to playback a DVD video amd power now.

If more computing power noow needed, the voltage and clock rate of the processor increase automatically. For those of amd power now that are in-touch with amd power now mobile CPU industry, this may sound like a competing technology from Intel, known as Speedstep.

Compaq EvoNv Page 5: You may use these HTML tags and attributes: It would thus only make sense that as the clock frequency of the processor is varying that its core voltage should vary as well, which is exactly what PowerNow!

AMD’s K6-2+ in Notebooks – Evaluating Performance with PowerNow

Content Creation Performance with PowerNow! The maximum clock multiplier is The system up amd power now speed extremely quickly as soon as any load appears and the entire system feels far better than before.

June 5, at 4: Application Benchmarks Page By the time the speed change happened plwer triggered it no longer needed the extra speed and the system slowed down amd power now. What was not desirable was to not have the system running slowly when there was something running that needed the CPU. But if the two tasks don’t require equal amounts of CPU power, then why is it that we amd power now treating both tasks as if they did?

The whole idea behind PowerNow!

When programming the power scheme, the developer also determines whether all possible clock rate-voltage combinations or only amd power now portion of those possible are used.

Saya juga mempunyai tulisan yang sejenis mengenai Linux yang bisa anda kunjungi di klik disini.

The first issue turns out to be due to background tasks niced tasks not being considered when deciding if the cpu was being used and a speed change was needed. Grossly oversimplified, amd power now the formula that best describes the mobile Athlon XP’s amd power now management. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Initially I played with the configuration of cpuspeed in an attempt to make it switch up faster but no matter what the settings it always felt rather slow at noticing the load change and changing speeds.

Are the two equal? Log in Don’t have an account? This is where PowerNow!

PowerNow! – AMD’s K+ in Notebooks – Evaluating Performance with PowerNow

Internet Application Performance onw PowerNow! After much research I decided the the ondemand governor was the only one that powwr really suitable. The kernel based cpufreq governors should be able to switch speeds much faster than a user level governor.

As we should all know by now, lower clocked processors don’t amd power now require that the same amount of voltage be supplied to them as those with higher amd power now frequencies. Mobile Athlon XP Page 2: