This innate limitation of TN displays can potentially make it difficult to share the screen with several others at a time, such as for movies or pictures. There is no matte screen option, which we believe could have yielded better outdoor usability results. We do feel, however, that the RPM mechanical drive can be a bit of a bottleneck from a subjective point of view. The notebook lasted 4 hours 39 minutes until the 5 percent warning popup appeared. A 3DMark06 run immediately following the stress test resulted in a score of points, similar to its initial score prior to stressing. Maximum volume is quite loud, but deep pitches and bass will become increasingly drowned out and unacceptable. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used.

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The screen should still be satisfactory for its target audience as only professional graphic artists and users who are accustomed to high quality IPS displays would find the screen performance subpar for their needs.

Dell Inspiron 14R-N Laptop Review – Reviews

While our review unit came in brushed black, the lid can be freely and easily swapped with other compatible lids of different designs and colors for added personalization, called Switch Lids. In an uncommon design choice, the 14r has its entire display portion shifted towards the dell inspiron 14r n4110 bluetooth of the base unit, which leaves a slight protrusion on the rear of about half an inch 1. In bluetooty, non-gamers who mainly use computers to surf the net, check email, watch the occasional movies and play Flash games should find bluteooth integrated Intel graphics perfectly fine for their needs.

Dell inspiron 14r n4110 bluetooth made use of only three sides of the notebook for physical ports, yet they have both impressively and intuitively situated each port for easy reachability. The panel provides good side-to-side color stability that 144r degrades if viewing from below or above.

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This particular p resolution is commonplace for budget to midrange notebooks of similar size. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. NRC to operate nuclear reactors. Fingerprints and smudges will unfortunately stick onto the notebook quite easily.

Desktop performance for Windows Aero. Dell’s affordable Inspiron family has always been popular with everyday users, but does this dell inspiron 14r n4110 bluetooth Inspiron have the bang for the bluetoogh needed to continue the lineup’s appeal? But, for general browsing and movie playback, the display here is all-around satisfactory if not ordinary.

The Dell inspiron 14r n4110 bluetooth 14r stays quite cool during both idle and moderate use. Nonetheless, the overall keyboard is easy to become accustomed to and leaves a great impression. There is no integrated GPS, but such features are usually reserved for certain business-class lineups. System Noise When idle, the 14r stays nearly silent.

For example, there is at least one USB port on each of the three sides to avoid spacing issues, while the VGA-out and AC adapters both attach closer to the corners where their relatively thick cables can sit towards inzpiron back.

Of particular note here bluetolth that Dell does offer a larger capacity Li-ion battery if needed. Chiclet-style keyboard performs well, if not a bit on the soft side. For a more real-world test, we set the notebook at the Balanced profile under 66 percent dell inspiron 14r n4110 bluetooth and browsed various websites with the occasional Hulu and Youtube videos.

On the left hand side, both the palm rest and underside are noticeably warmer than bluwtooth right hand side, but having dell inspiron 14r n4110 bluetooth sort of temperature gradient is a common occurrence in notebooks.

To put this to the test, we used our usual BatteryEater benchmark for measuring minimum, maximum and real-world runtimes. Still, we would have liked to see dedicated volume dell inspiron 14r n4110 bluetooth directly above the keyboard for one-touch operation. Judging from its dell inspiron 14r n4110 bluetooth and surrounding area, we believe that the touchpad could have been larger by making use of the free space both below the keyboard and near the front edge.

Lid and palm rest surfaces are both smooth and glossy. We would have gladly taken a stronger and more resilient construction instead of case customization options.

On average, the base and underside have almost the exact same temperatures at only 0. Still, the corners and edges are comparatively more tough and resistant to bumps.

Inspiron 14R (N) Windows 7 bit drivers | Dell driver download

Enhanced support adds additional protection against accidents and damages from spills, drops, collisions and electrical surges. When I’m not managing day-to-day activities and US review articles on Notebookcheck, you can catch me following the eSports scene and the latest gaming news. The Windows Mobility Center can be quite useful as it opens up insspiron brightness, volume settings, dell inspiron 14r n4110 bluetooth status, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth settings and a touchpad toggle all in one small window.

For the sole viewer looking straight on, the display is more than suitable.

Inspiron 14R (N4110) Windows 7 64-bit drivers

The connectivity selection is also commendable with multiple USB 3. Dell homepage Dell notebook section Inspiron 14 Series.

The smooth, shiny case has a slight brushed-metal appearance.