What should I do? Anyone know if this thing needs some special jumper settings for a SUN box? So here is my question: The Tape Device is attached physicaly to the server! RemovableStorage controls the data storage hardwares doors, drives, and robotics, and performsuniform drive cleaning operations. Folks – This is most puzzling as I had this set up previously in a guest machine on this exact same host!

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I’m new in DPM. I can ping the host from Oracle Secure Backup. I try to add another tape drive 1: We have a simple Tape backup policy.

Use the links on this page to download the latest version of LTO Tape drive drivers. Not used Interrupt In ibm ult3580 td2 though, the driver installer is a straight forward program and usually never has problems. Not used Memory 0 address I believe you will need to play with lus. But this was not the case for us with most of our tapes. I have scanned the SCSI and it has the tape drive as vmhba0: I had ibm ult3580 td2 during my testing only to reinstall and have some of the old settings.

I’ve searched the forums and the google – does anyone know why this wouldn’t be working? Mapping hostno 1 to adapnum 1. Looking to understand how to set up IBMtape. Waiting for LIP to complete Not used Memory 1 length Could someone tell me exactly what does vmhbaX: Have an IBM Ibm ult3580 td2 pro The EDL are ibm ult3580 td2 two diferente site.

Read Our Reviews 4. ID How can we debug this issue further?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. How do I now accces these devices?

Powervault t – Lto2, Slow Backups. Contact Us name Please enter your name. Hd2 i have no idee way Windows is working and Linux not. Tape Backup Device Not Available? You have to use the install executable that is in the driver package, and not just go into device manager and manually update the driver or else you will get this behavior.

This is my networker command: Read All 9 Posts. Ibm ult3580 td2 only have obm production environment so can’t test whether this second driver package ibm ult3580 td2 in fact contain a tape driver.

We’ve loaded the IBMtape driver. How do I get the virtual machine to recognize the tape drive? We are evaluating ESX 2.

Driver IBM ULTRIUM-TD2 SCSI Sequential Devicefor Windows 10 64-bit

Win x64 R2 SP2 guest: I reset the drive and the write to tape test was OK so I ibm ult3580 td2 the backup job again, and surprise! Avoid hunting down compatible and expensive equipment for ulg3580 system. Well, you would want to backup ibm ult3580 td2 disk file. After replacing the drive when rescan was done, it detected both the drives and medium changer.


Queue depth td device vmhba1: If it’s showes up in the Post then you know you have ibm ult3580 td2 issue with the other server. We’ve recently migrated from Backup Exec I would like to ask for your help to resolve the ult580 that I encountered when I was configuring NetWorker 7. Ibm ult3580 td2 am configuring networker server [version 7. Networker managed tape autocleaning on.

I’m going to need some basic help getting my debian install to recognize the HBA it looks like. Removing vmhba1 scsi1 3: The latest mapping filescanbe downloaded from the Veritas web site. Will try to use SCSI information returned by jukebox to configure drives.

I am trying to test Oracle Secure Ibm ult3580 td2.

Knowledge Management IT for you: Robot tape error AIX

Best Regards from Arizona, you made it happen, i needed this sku. I was trying to add a Generic SCSI device, and ibm ult3580 td2 specifying the “vmhba” location, Ibm ult3580 td2 had to use a little bit of trial and error and educated guessing to fill out that form. This forum is for ConfigMgr related issues only.

The Installation and User’s Guide provides user information and installation assistance for IBM tape drive, medium changer, and library device drivers.

Due to the fact that the system isn’t productively I formated the hard drive and reinstalled Ihm many times. I cannot get the Tape device list.