Or you can hold the button down for five seconds to toggle it on for all pictures. The only maintenance the printer requires is an occasional cleaning of the feed roller. All 4×6 dye sub printers, regardless of manufacturer, make superb drugstore quality prints. With a dye sub especially, it’s wise to avoid high traffic areas where dust could easily get into the printer. The LCD screen can be closed, making it more convenient to move around the home or take on trips, as well as protecting it from dust. The status light will glow when its on.

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If, for example, you want to mount your images on something like Strathmore’s Photo Mount Cards with double-sided tape, a dye sub print won’t show any evidence of handling.

If you select more than one image per sheet, you can duplicate the same image or load different images. The image file is not altered.

Here are a few improvements:. You can press the Crop button to cycle through other crop box sizes or the Rotate button to change the orientation of the crop box.

The ribbon is good for all 40 prints, separating the 50 into two packages helps keep it fresher. David is also an expert in imaging technologies including printers, moni The door flaps freely when released, so be careful when you move the printer with the tray installed that you don’t break the hinge when you put it down. Three quantities are available: And if you haven’t heard kodak easyshare photo printer 500 before, don’t bother with the included CD.

Kodak EasyShare Photo Printer Specs – CNET

To print wirelessly through Kodak’s free EasyShare software, you do have to use version 5. Find Your Router The utility will look around for a router, if you want.

You can’t get kodak easyshare photo printer 500 this printer to clean the printing element. These aren’t your inkjet’s dpi, though, because the density of each dot is pdinter somewhat like your monitor’s pixels. You can confirm the printer’s WiFi settings from this Menu option, but you have to cable the to a computer to set them.

Kodak Easyshare 500 – Photo Printer

Here are a few improvements: But to print directly from your computer, install the software before phto the two devices with a USB cable. This is a dye kodak easyshare photo printer printer, not an inkjet. You can deliver kodak easyshare photo printer 500 to the printer from a USB drive, media cards or a PictBridge compatible camera.

The documentation that comes with the is not extensive and, unfortunately, support at Kodak’s Web site is minimal, although you can download both the driver software and firmware. Kodak knows how to do this on an EasyShare printer, but this couldn’t. Fan the paper without touching the glossy surface and slip it kodak easyshare photo printer 500 the paper tray facing up. With the optional WiFi card installed in the SD slot, you can print from any computer on your network that has the s3 primter installed or from the EasyShare-One WiFi digicam.

That way the computer can find the drivers when kodak easyshare photo printer 500 sees the printer is attached. Although a confirmed generalist, with writing credits on subjects as varied as ape language kodak easyshare photo printerpolitics, quantum physics, and an overview of a top company in the gaming industry.

Kodak EasyShare photo printer 500

Find some pictures to print! First, if you’re printing from a computer, the feature is disabled.

That is a very nice feature — you can kodak easyshare photo printer 500 4×6 prints from any computer on your network. The priner of the printer is, for once, not occupied by a docking area.

This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. In addition to yellow, cyan and magenta dyes, the ribbon contains a clear coating, which Kodak calls XtraLife Lamination, to protect the dyes from UV light and waterproof them, sealing the dyes into the paper.

In the closed position, the clear cover protects the easyshre paper. In the closed position, the clear cover protects the print kodak easyshare photo printer But if you’re printing from a card, you can press the Red Eye Reduction button kodak easyshare photo printer 500 before the Print button to affect an image shot with flash.

These trouble-free printers themselves require almost no maintenance and supplies are reasonably priced.