The following people are those whom have yet to give me sample files:. For future reference, I will make note of those songs! Join a laid-back, close-knit community of mixed interests Get a free account! All who are interested can private-message me, or even contact me on Skype about the retro chorus! Well, those males sound nothing like me.

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I asked for feedback and interest in the chorus itself And I gave you that.

And tell me if I missed anyone. The appeal of random animu openings from yesteryear is fairly limited, and it is not something to really show around to non-japfags.

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DC, you better participate if it does happen. Komorebi no contact star a massive sub-post. Working my way through sound files, overlaying them, denoising tracks, removing echo and balancing out shitty equipment? I wanted to hear you sing this. Yes, this is exactly what Momimochi is asking for. XD But thanks for your support. Know nothing about maiden chorus, too.

Widening the potential audience would be a good thing. I had to deal with CloudVariasKira bringing up nsfw shit in my writing projects and a lot of general nonsense, but it was still feedback I took into consideration where appropriate and may resurface in future projects of the type: However, once I komorebi no contact star this project as official, I will update OP and all the information will be provided there.

Can I give the 4 vocal copies in a single voice clip? Let’s make it happen.

And I gave you that. I ain’t gon’ sing.

Thank you for the update! Not so sure if just posting here is the right way, but here komorebi no contact star komoreib, auditions. I strongly encourage the initiative! Kowarete hajimaru inochi ga umareru ima wa kizuke nakutemo mune no naka uketotteiru no. I really like that you mention Classic Hits as being options for a future chorus.

God, I just love the maiden songs so much. Why are your comprehending skills so shit. I doubt I’d participate in voice work on CL.

Star Driver (TV Series – ) – Soundtracks – IMDb

That’s sad to hear. I do support the idea of singing something recognizable I can’t really decide, but I think I’ll choose the second. Obviously, for me at least, this Star Driver chorus takes precedence until its completion over komorebi no contact star other chorus projects. The following people are those whom have yet to give me sample coontact.

[CHORUS] Star Driver Maiden Medley [COMPLETED]

I’m quite interested in this, but are there requirements to join? If participation rate becomes komorebi no contact star, the project will then become official. The songs are so long I don’t want to listen to them again and have to choose. In case, I’m not getting this clear enough. The audio-editing for this project will be adapting to the voices of those who wish to participate, and not the other way around.