Download a file off files. So you didn’t get them to send it to you? That is unless someone could suggest a way to fix this in the settings of the N1’s GUI perhaps? Press the button on the modem and let it frequency lock sync to the net Start your computer and when you get to the desktop, try browsing the net. I think you might be reading your speed result wrong. It says ok, cheers.

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No wonder we have beaten america in 2 big parts of our society.

City and County of Denver – Colorado

Had cable installed a week ago now, Exchange is in the suburb over, and copper is around 1. My uwb is bigpond broadband G. I too get around 40ishMb from my mobiles, tablets, mp3 players, consoles, etc. Upon looking around this forum I notice some of the speeds exceeding Mbps down. Not that I know of.

This is normally when you have a cache’ing anti virus program running while doing the test. The speeds currently via speedtest measure about 34Mbps but browsing seems slower than Adsl. Check out my latest result Bigpoo Cable in Adelaide — http: I’m hoping they just forgot to put me on ultimate Log in to the mybigpond and see what plan you are on. Make sure you are using frequency.

But will possobly be years till we get it too whilst they r on 50GBps. Looked at my account online, very old plan, I have Naked Ultimate Cable. After 2 months of no Ultimate cable service provisioned, i receive a motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem from Telstra saying its now configured at Ultimate Mbps.

Have you updated the firmware on the TV yet? Dunno whether your correct about the modem March 17, — 2: You might be interested in my wireless settings.

I can max my connection. That should tell you what your true connection speed is i will check that out later.

I can’t remember the actual technical motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem, but I think unless the server is very close to you and has the capacity, it is just not possible to get Mbps on a single thread. Just had my cable installed today first speed test was this http: Just got cable put on moddem, the process was pretty smooth contrary to a lot of reports I’d heard as well.

Can get a maximum of 1mbps at the moment. It was over my wifi connection too. EPC operating in Bridged mode. I have a friend round the corner who gets 76 so I’m happy.

City and County of Denver – Colorado

So long as their servers can support it then yes Sure. Well I feel like an idiot now.

It’s a bummer too cause I really liked my router, but I can’t use it now knowing this: The main difference I have noticed between fibre and adsl aside from the speed is the amazing stability.

Dam Mofem know what they have done, business account, just checked bill that came other day. You will be redirected to a captive portal were you pop in your details username motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem password and it will register the unit on the network. cahle

Some users get Mbps but anything over Moden is considered max speed. Luca, Wondering if you can help me out? P can i have too? Or should you get a different one? Copy all the signal stats you see there. I plugged motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem PC straight into the Cisco, and now I’m getting mbps peak DUmeter when downloading from aarnet multiple downloads. This small block Chevy in a lawn more is nuts!

Official Cable Ultimate/Super Fast Speedboost Speedtest Thread – Cable – Telstra Broadband

cbale Use CAT 6 cable. I have like 9 things connected to my unit and there is no connection problems. There are other reasons but I think I mentioned the main reasons. Hey motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem just went on the gb Telstra cable plan from tpg adsl2 rubbish btw I live in casula Sydney, what kinda speeds should I expect Normal cable upto 36Mbps, speedboost up ysb Mbps.

It says ok, cheers. I am with Optus and contract is up soon.

Then copy and paste your signal stats here. Sorry but if you are on bigpond cable that is a false result. Telstra only have two speeds up to 36Mpbs and up to Mbps omg i sound like the first lady i spoke to. Let us know the above things.