The Story Station is still an excellent USB3 disk and if you can find it cheaper, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. Storage capacity measurement standards. Samsung uses a full-size USB 3. For anyone looking for an external USB 3. The pricing is competitive with other USB 3. Selecting a different country will clear your cart. Samsung Story Series External Drives.

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Under the same interface the Samsung story station Digital MyBook 3. It’s one of the fastest desktop USB disks we’ve seen when copying both large and small files.

Specifications hard disk, USB3, 42xxmm. Usually given as formatted capacity see format operation. Our second real-world test is a productivity scenario.

Samsung Story Series | Seagate US

OpenStack Summit News Bits. The Story Station sped through all our file samsung story station tests. It’s fast, well designed and wins our Best Buy award. CrystalDiskMark showed results in line with our IOMeter tests and expanded upon them with both fastest outer edge of platter and slowest inner edge of platter speeds.

To get any further, you sttaion to break the warranty stickers. Nutanix Reports 3Q18 Earnings. It can automatically back up your files samsung story station to a schedule you set and can back up files incrementally, picking only those files which have changed since the last back up.

It’s rock solid too, not that you’d want to, but the case could probably handle more than a little roughing up and be no worse for the wear. Our review unit is a 2TB model, the drive also comes in 1TB and 1.

Thankfully we weren’t statiob. When we connected the drive over a legacy USB 2. When hammering the drive with random access tasks, it’s samsung story station noticeable.

One area which hasn’t been improved is the bundled backup software. Samsung has included a suite of pre-loaded software including Samsung Auto Backup, SecretZone, and SafetyKey for data encryption samsung story station password protection.

Surveillance Center Explore the latest in surveillance storage technology.

Samsung Story Station USB 3.0 2TB review

On top of that, syation Samsung is well-built with aluminum body, compared to plastic in the Western Digital, it wins on aesthetics too. Samsung Story Station User Guide. In addition, some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions and will not be available for data storage.

This might seem like a gimmick, but it could be stwtion if your samsung story station is kept in a place, such as your bedroom samsung story station lounge, where you’d want to keep distracting lights to a minimum.

Story Series

This doesn’t make a difference really, but the larger adapter might be more durable and solid over the long term. Selecting a different country will clear your cart.

Support rows Support Support. Exos The leading standard in enterprise capacity and performance. Samsung’s AutoBackup application is certainly packed with features. Samsung Story Series External Drives. Security Your first samsung story station and last – line of defense. Although Samsung is an established manufacturer of internal 3?

Samsung Story Station HX-DUEB Specs – CNET

In this test with its higher percentage of random activity—which the MyBook 3. The drive performs right alongside the Western Digital MyBook 3.

Samsung has launched a new USB 3. This will help to reduce frustrating delays when copying large quantities of data. Creative Professionals The answer for atation video, photo and samsung story station workflows.