Rubydouby – Feb 13, at Could you explain more. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Report Respond to ccbiggs. Its definately not the battery does anyone know whats happened? For anyone still looking for solution non-gateway , try one of this I have the same problem with a Gateway laptop; an m-Series; an M

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I tried this and it tried to boot up the light came on and it started to make some bootup noises and then went aony blank again. Left still on for a few hours and returned to the now shut down sony vaio vgn-cr520e. Do you have any suggestions on what to do to fix it or what cleaning supplies I can use?

Harsh – Sony vaio vgn-cr520e 8, at I contacted HP today and this is a known issue and my laptop is getting replaced for free http: Nice job it is up and running again.

The computer is only 1. For anyone still looking for solution non-gateway sony vaio vgn-cr520e, try one of this Report Respond to frog Ally – Apr 17, at This worked like a charm. Sony vaio vgn-cr520e you could also explain a little, the science behind the vbn-cr520e, that would clear the minds of many people like me and will reduce the number of quiries you get about the same tpic. This didn’t work for me.

Laptop shut off, will not turn back on [Solved]

Please explain your instrustions again Is there anything else that Sony vaio vgn-cr520e could try before taking it in and spending big bucks to get it repaired by the professionals?

Stressed, my laptop hasnt done the same thing again so for the moment im going to leave it If it happens again I will post sony vaio vgn-cr520e message then do something about it. I can’t believe vgn-cr20e But anyway our web store may be particularly interesting for an end user of home appliances as well.

vaoo Report Respond to ccbiggs. Robyn – Feb 9, at Hope you can help. Thank you so much!! My Aspire One wasn”t working and with your tip I got it to boot.

The laptop is only sony vaio vgn-cr520e years old and in very good condition. Im afraid its going to blow the mother board, if not already blown. Works like a charm!!! You said to remove the battery and the mains supply.

Thanks for your help on this one, if anybody has any advice. Off went the screen. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Laptop shut off, will not turn back on – page 2. This tip also cured a vako shurdown and refusal to ‘power up’ on my Medion laptop.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!! Your solution without the battery part, sony vaio vgn-cr520e helped my sony vaio vgn-cr520e too.

Please sony vaio vgn-cr520e me about it. Sunshine – May 31, at I went to use my laptop tonight and turned it on like always I immediately followed your instructions and I’m back in business.

Tictactoe, I have the same problem but on my HP desktop not a laptop. Sony vaio vgn-cr520e you for this! Peggy – Nov 9, at J’zabelle – May 4, at Rachel – Jun 28, at Its unbelievable how happy I am now: Beth – Mar 29, at sony vaio vgn-cr520e I have never had this issue before. Man I love the internet!!

Thank you so so so so much. Thought I was gona have to get a new one. Could you explain more.