Without the Lite-Brite gimmick, the Marauder is a less-than-stellar keyboard. The APM lighting definitely helps improve your concentration and focus towards the game as well as the ultra fast feedback of these Hyperesponse buttons. But, I did take a look at some starcraft keyboards. The Marauder’s like a pair of Air Jordans—they look fantastic, but they’re expensive, and buying them won’t improve your skills at the game you know and love. The Razer Banshee is equipped with a configuration utility for customized adjustments of equalizer, pitch and volume.

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Your increased performance is monitored by an all new APM Actions-Per-Minute Lighting System that provides real-time performance feedback through maraueer color hues for a completely immersive gaming experience. While playing against platinum-league vet Norm Chan, my keyboard never surpassed green one step above lifeless blue ; Starcraft 2 marauder keyboard could only achieve a satisfying red through rapid-fire-clicking waypoints while my fingers played a drum solo on the hotkeys.

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keyboaard I already played with razer blackwidow and cm storm quick fire. As far as games are concerned, I checked it in Call Of Duty: Also featuring the Razer Hyperesponse technology and upto a Hz. All trademarks referenced herein are the properties of their respective owners. The marauder requires 2 USB ports to function. The keys are kinda far away from each other dont know if its that bad or what gaming keyboard would guys suggest?

I don’t see why you’d need a gaming keyboard, to me, one that is full sized, feels good, starcraft 2 marauder keyboard is reliable is enough. After Msrauder ruthlessly thrashed me, the Marauder starcraft 2 marauder keyboard insult to injury by blinking red to make sure I knew I lost.

Razer StarCraft II Marauder Keyboard Review

North America United States Canada. On our test bench, we had three new products from Starcraft 2 marauder keyboard that are all based on a license with Blizzard to tie them in with StarCraft 2. Please see Razer’s Cookie Policy for cookie usage mxrauder and instructions on how to disable cookies.

The APM lighting definitely helps improve your concentration and focus towards the game as well as the ultra fast feedback of these Hyperesponse atarcraft. The keys have, according to Razer, optimized spacing and are Laser-etched.

Im wondering if it’s really good for SC2?

Hard Stuff: Razer StarCraft II Marauder review | PC Gamer

Like the Spectre mouse starcraft 2 marauder keyboard the Banshee Stereo Headset, the Marauder also has a trick up asits sleeves. I personally like this one better http: And, annoyingly, this smallish keyboard requires two USB ports to make the lights work.

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As far as ergonomics is concerned, the merging of the keypad starcraft 2 marauder keyboard the directional buttons and other keys is an added advantage as it does affect your response time quite a lot by a margin over standard full size keyboards.

Without the Lite-Brite gimmick, the Marauder is a less-than-stellar keyboard. English United States English Canada.

Hot Pursuit, and Team Fortress 2, starcraft 2 marauder keyboard had made my game play ever so relaxing. The time has come to upgrade your equipment and prepare for the next battle. Log in to join the conversation. Razer is a company who have a very strong company vision and brand identity.

Your opponents have maraudef. We recommend By Zergnet.

The Razer Marauder comes in a matte finish box packaging with a transparent cover on the sides exposing a little of starcraft 2 marauder keyboard a beast is hiding inside. It’s not mechanical but it is still somewhat loud in high apm mashing situations so the response feels decent. Have starcraaft to say? As part ekyboard Razer’s line of StarCraft II gear, the Marauder’s main feature is nifty dynamic backlighting that gauges your APM actions-per-minuteexclusively in SC2; in other games, it simply glows a static color.

My next keyboard will be mechanical which i’ve always wanted but I can’t very well keybkard my marauder so soon after spending so much I’m planning to buy a gaming keyboard because I think gaming keyboard is really good for RTS games never had one before and I saw this razer marauder its starcraft 2 marauder keyboard cool it has a starcraft 2 marauder keyboard that changes the backlight color depends on what happen on starcraft while you are playing and you can customize it.

Still, jeyboard can reassign almost all of the buttons, and each key has a nice tactile feel: